10.30am was no doubt pretty early for a Saturday morning, as I would usually be in bed sound asleep. But my grandma was in town, so we went searching for a tummy filling breakfast/lunch. Teow Chew meng would be the perfect choice as they serve very appetizing dishes.
If you’re around Subang Jaya, and you’re searching for a delicious morning affair. You must definitely try the dishes @ Teow Chew Meng. The little restaurant is located at SS14 Subang Jaya. It;s hard to miss as it’s on the main road where the shophouses are.

The first dish we orderd was the mango kerabu. This tiny plate was filled with delicious mangos mixed with little tiny anchovies (ikan bilis), crushed peanuts, tiny chili padis, onions and a tangy sauce that’s so hard to resists.

As the appetizer was being served, our main dish arrived. The seafood-sharkfin mee sua ( rice flour noodles) is the signature dish of the place and is served hot and with a little tinge of vinegar. Usually vinegar is added individually, as some might like it with tons of vinegar and some might not. A generous amount of seafood can be found in this little dish.

While we were having our yummy food, the chef was preparing one of the popular desserts. Yam paste and gingko. This is a MUST try and they make it fresh and hot for you. It will take about 10mins from the time you order the dish till it reaches your table. So I suggest if you are keen on trying this out, it’s better to order it together with the other dishes.

The texture of this is just wonderful. it’s also not too sweet. The yam paste retains most of it’s flavour, it’s one dish I would eat over and over again.
Besides all the 3 dishes, Teow Chew Meng serves other delicious food as well, their teow chew styled porridge, octopus and mee hoon are also a popular hit. If you’re no where near Subang Jaya, you can still try their yummy food at the other branches. One in SS2 Petaling Jaya, Bandar menjalara Kepong, Sunway Mas, Chaileng Park Prai, Pulau Tikus Penang, 8-row Georgetown, and Sunway Tunas Bayan Baru
so go try them out…