The chinese way to have breakfast… is to indulge in Dim Sum.

We headed towards Puchong to our get our normal dosage of dim sum at Yuen Garden Dim Sum House. Be sure to be there early, as the long queue would be the first to greet you. This place serves you freshly made dim sums and its delicious savoury treats. The dishes are served in small baskets and tiny metal plates. They are brought to your table by the waiters.

First to arrive our table was the “har kau” Their “har kau” (prawn dumplings) are indeed very fresh. The prawns are wrapped in transparent glutinous flour, then steam till cooked. It’s one of the normal dishes that are served at any dim sum shops.

Next up….. “yu mai” (fish balls), which are steamed. They are many ways the fish balls are being cooked, some are steamed and some fried. If you’re not a fan of the steamed ones… than try their golden fried fish balls.

This is one of my favourite dishes.. “salad har” (fried prawn dumplings) i’m not too sure why they are called “salad har” as the only relations to salad it the mayonnaise which is served as it’s dip. The fried prawn dumpling here is one of the best that i have came across. The coating of the prawns are crunchy and not very oily. This is a MUST try!

Another normality at a dim sum shop would be “siew mai”. This little dish is made out of shrimp and pork with a little bit of fish roe sprinkled on the top. The ones here are absolutly delicious. Also another MUST try dish

Besides having small little dishes, we also ordered porridge mixed with century egg, “pei tan chook”. If you’re a person who loves century eggs with porridge, you must try this dish. The generous amount of century eggs and prawns make this dish a delectable delight.

I’m not much of dessert fan in the morning so, no desserts to show and tell, but if you’re interested, they have a range of sweet savouries and yummilicious sweets.

Yuen Garden Dim Sum Shop
No. 02-01, Jalan Kenari 18,
Bandar Puchong Jaya,
47100 Puchong, Selangor
Tel: 03-8706 3818 (restaurant)
:  03-8076 3830 (office)
business hours: 7am till 11pm