Ipoh Chicken rice… well that’s what popped up in my head… with the body and mind, both on a holiday…the best food to have was definitly the Ipoh “nga choy kai” A simple, refreshing delicious meal and the best place to have this would be @ Restaurant Satellite, along Jalan Gasing. The little coffee shop is located at the row of shophouses, near the KWSP building in PJ. It’s the corner shop.

The Ipoh Chicken Rice is usually served with ‘taugeh’ (bean sprouts)…. i’m not a big fan of rice… so when ever i’m there i usually have the “hor fan” (flat noodles). You have the alternative to have the chicken on a different dish. It kinda makes sharing food much more enjoyable. We ordered the Steamed Chicken instead of the roasted ones. But on the overall, both tastes as YUMMY. As for the bean sprouts, they are blanched and are served with a little soy sauce, salt and pepper.. and are juicy and crunchy.
Besides the main dishes… you must also have the meat balls. They are absolutely delicious and a MUST TRY!. The meat balls are very very tender. Dipping them in the famous garlic chili (chicken rice chilies) makes it even more yummier.

Restaurant Satellite has been around for more than 40 years. It’s the kind of coffee shop which brings you back to the olden days. The atmosphere, the table settings and not to forget, oldies playing on thier really cool and definitly old radio. If you’re observant enough, you’ll find a old record player on one of the shelves. It’s one place to enjoy a slow, peaceful weekend.