“ahn yong hasehyo” is the first thing said to us, as we walked towards the little quaint korean BBQ house. This little place is owned by a korean family, making it very very much the real thing. I’ve been eyeing on this little place for quite sometime, but have not gotten the time to actually try out the food here. This little establishment, ain’t that little, it houses 2 floors for diners and the waiters here are ever ready to serve you.

kimchi galore

As usual, the 2 of us, plus our little one was keen on a new food adventure. I did the ordering…. the pictures on the menu, don’t really tell you what you getting, but the food that arrive was more then enough to feed 2 hungry persons. I ordered the Pork belly and the marinated beef in special sauce (bulgogi).

Before the food arrived, hot burning charcoal was placed in the BBQ area. They don’t use the electrical plugs here, here they serve you the old school way and i was impress. I’ve been to one or 2 establishments where the hot plate area is usually controlled by turning a knob. But here, the smell of smoke and charcoal fills the air. The small little bowls of appeitizers were the first to grace our table. Different sorts of Kimchi and differents sorts of starters were laid infront of us. The kimchis were delicious. They even have Steamed egg as part of the appeitizers. The wide range of veggies and if i’m not mistaken, pulled stew pork was yummilicious.


After the small bowls filled our table, the raw pork belly arrived. The young waiter helped us with the BBQ-ing,  ( i guess that’s the beauty of having a child with you) The smell of the pork belly was dizzily delicious. The BBQ-ing was done to the right texture. Believe me, the tastes is even more enticing. Next came the marinated beef. This was the hubby’s favourite. The meat was BBQ-ed not too well done, and not too raw, it actually melts in your mouth. The sauce was such a compliment to the beef.

Besides the main dishes, we also ordered a small bowl of seaweed soup. The soup was made with not only seaweed, but it had other seafood inside as well. The soup tasted really sweet, thanks to all the ingredients inside.

The food served here is definitely a thumbs up. I do recommend that if you’re a fan of Korean food, or even if it’s gonna be your first time, you must actually try this place. The price was pretty reasonable, and it had the 5-star hospitality. The Lady boss made you feel very much like home and she even took the time to walk customers out. That’s what I call a 5-star treatment.

Do remember before you head off….. say..”kamsamnida”

Restoran Korean House
185, Jalan SS2/24
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
(it’s next to de’vas bridal house)