If you thought that chillies were grounded… well think again … the Chillies @ flying Chillies, will make you FLY.

We headed of toward Gardens @ Midvalley, looking for some yummy food to fill our grumbling tummies. We were actually heading toward the Taiwanese restaurant, but the queue outside was way too long…. so we strolled along…. and FLYING CHILLIES caught our eye.
We have actually been wanting to have a go at this restaurant, but we never seem to have the chance.. so today must be our lucky day.

Flying Chillies serves authentic thai food and is located on the top floor of Gardens Midvalley. Their tagline..”simply thailicious” definately caught our eye. Thai food has always been one of our favourite cuisines, and our normal haunt is usually the little thai restaurant near our place.

The waiters @ Flying Chillies were very very pleasant. From their accent, i don’t think they are our local malaysians.. :)  We ordered a few dishes and patiently wait for our spread of yummy food.

First to arrive was the RED RUBY….usually this would come at the end of a meal, but we wanted it to come along with our dinner. :) The chestnuts which were coated with tapioca flour were crunchy and delicious. They were also very very generous with the portions. Hidden together with the chestnuts and coconut milk were strips of “nangka” (jackfruit) I’m not much of a jackfruit fan… but the flavour was very very define.

Next to grace our table was the Fish cake, the Seafood glass salad and our Seafood Tom Yam soup.

The Fish cake has a pleasant aroma and there were green beans in it. It was a HIT with my hubby. He loved the taste and the sweet and sour which compliments the dish.

The Seafood glass salad had a very very unique taste to it. The smell of greens was very very refreshing, but i must say the portion was a little too large. That was also because i had to eat it alone, the hubby didn’t really fancy the salad. The tangy, green and spicy taste to it was really an appetite opener.

As for the Tom Yam Soup… all i can saw it WOW! we both loved the tastes, the spiciness and the reach coconut flavour. It was pretty unique to have Tom Yam soup which had coconut milk in it. I am certainly glued to the soup.

Our final dish that graced our table was the Pineapple Fried Rice. I loved the taste of the rice and the pineapples and the raisins in it. And i love the presentation.

While digging into our spread, we notice what the other tables were having as well. It seems the Pineapple rice was a big hit. We also noticed a cute looking steamboat pot on a few of the tables. Apparently those were Tom Yam soups made for a larger crowd.

If you are a Thai food fan, this place is worth a try. The price is pretty reasonable and the food tingles your taste buds.

Flying Chillies,
T219, Third Floor, The Gardens, Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2287-7708 Fax: 03-2287-7710