The morning was bright, sunny and shining… the birds were chirping (i think i heard some chirping) and well it was a good morning to find some delicious breakfast.

We took a ride towards the Sungei Way morning market. According to the hubby, there’s this really nice place in the market to have “chee cheong fan” (flat noodles)…So that’s where we are headed

We walked pass traders selling vegetables, fish mongers, florist and butchers… walked up a flight of stairs to a food court on the top floor. The hubby said tis particular stall has been selling “chee cheong fan” for more than 15 years….

The little stall is located at the right hand side of the food court… it’s not hard to see it, as its signage is in yellow. The food doesn’t take very long to arrive. We ordered 2 different plates of “chee cheong fan”, one with the mushroom sauce and the other the curry sauce.

The mushroom sauce has a very very distinct smell and taste of the shitake mushroom. The sauce had more texture and was quite thick. I’m a fan of mushrooms, but wasn’t really a fan of the sauce. The hubby adores this, so did the the little one. I guess it’s a personal preference. The mushroom “chee cheong fan” came with slices of mushrooms that were very very tender.

As for the one with the curry sauce, well I must say.. it was delicious. The curry sauce came with little slices of chicken and also the tastes compliments the “chee cheong fan”. As for the texture, it was the opposite of the mushroom sauce. This sauce had less texture and was much more watery. Yummilicious!

So if you’re looking for a new place to have a great breakfast, then this is a must try.