I’m actually quite a fan of vietnamese food. I don’t eat it as often as Japanese.. (ooOooO temptations) but I do like the vietnamese green fresh taste….

Me and the Hubby were checking out Tropicana city mall in PJ… somewhere along the LDP highway.While we where they .. we came across this really nice and cosy restaurant. The lights and the interior was indeed very very cosy and the out look of it, kinda gave us the urge to go try it out.

The little place was called “pho hoa”. It was a cute little vietnamese place that sells their famous beef noodle soups. But please do not be decieve by the pictures on the menu… :) they are not as it seems.

I’m not going to elobrate much on how the food was…. because to me it was not really fantastic. I do not want to bring conclusion to anyone’s mind… as taste is very subjective. ;) I’ll let pictures speak.

Pho Hoa Noodle Soup
Tropicana City Mall