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Want a taste of Vietnamese?

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I’m actually quite a fan of vietnamese food. I don’t eat it as often as Japanese.. (ooOooO temptations) but I do like the vietnamese green fresh taste….
Me and the Hubby were checking out Tropicana city mall in PJ… somewhere along the LDP highway.While we where they .. we came across this really nice and cosy [...]

Ahn-YONG haSEHyo

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“ahn yong hasehyo” is the first thing said to us, as we walked towards the little quaint korean BBQ house. This little place is owned by a korean family, making it very very much the real thing. I’ve been eyeing on this little place for quite sometime, but have not gotten the time to actually [...]

Chillies that FLY!

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If you thought that chillies were grounded… well think again … the Chillies @ flying Chillies, will make you FLY.
We headed of toward Gardens @ Midvalley, looking for some yummy food to fill our grumbling tummies. We were actually heading toward the Taiwanese restaurant, but the queue outside was way too long…. so we strolled [...]