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Ahn-YONG haSEHyo

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“ahn yong hasehyo” is the first thing said to us, as we walked towards the little quaint korean BBQ house. This little place is owned by a korean family, making it very very much the real thing. I’ve been eyeing on this little place for quite sometime, but have not gotten the time to actually [...]

Delicious morning

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The morning was bright, sunny and shining… the birds were chirping (i think i heard some chirping) and well it was a good morning to find some delicious breakfast.
We took a ride towards the Sungei Way morning market. According to the hubby, there’s this really nice place in the market to have “chee cheong fan” [...]

Chillies that FLY!

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If you thought that chillies were grounded… well think again … the Chillies @ flying Chillies, will make you FLY.
We headed of toward Gardens @ Midvalley, looking for some yummy food to fill our grumbling tummies. We were actually heading toward the Taiwanese restaurant, but the queue outside was way too long…. so we strolled [...]