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4 Dec 2008 In: Introduction, yummies

The Famous Jalan Alor is situated within walking distance from Kuala Lumpur’s Golden Triangle. If you’re looking for local Chinese delicacies, then this is one of the places to visit.During the nights, Jalan Alor comes to life, with all the table and stools placed onto the road, signage lights fills up the street, little stalls fills the pavement and the sweet aromatic smells of the different cuisines fills the air.

We popped by during the weekend to join in the hustle and the bustle of the night and also to grab a bite or two. We cruise down the street to have a look at what would be the best thing to fill our tummies with. We stopped at one of our frequent spots and ordered.

Pork noodles. According to sources, this pork noodle stall has been there for more then 20 years. It’s a family trade. It’s quite delicious and quite nice. It was also said that, at times, you might have to wait for about 20 mins before your dish arrives.

Chicken wings. You would usually find chicken wings cooked in the similar pattern at a lot of the Chinese hawker centers. The wings are barbequed and served with chili.

“yau yu”- squid with kangkung (water spinach). It’s made out of squid, kangkung and rojak paste. It’s then topped of with crush peanuts. And a dash of chili paste.

“oh chian”- oyster omlette. This is one of my favourite foods. Dip it in the prepared chili sauce… and yummmies. A must try. The one here is pretty crispy and crunchy. And with the oysters and the chilies it’s altogether YUMMY!

GO try them out yourselves. Though everyone’s opinion on food varies. But do enjoy the lights, sights and sounds of Jalan Alor. A place not to be missed.

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2 Dec 2008 In: Introduction

If you’ve been searching high and low for a place to indulge in wonderful and delicious malaysian food, you’ve arrive at the correct spot. Not only would we bring you around the famous Jalan Alor, we would also introduce to you mouth watering delicacies from around Malaysia.